Subaru Outback – Stage 1 Paint Correction and Full Detail

This Outback recieved a full exterior wash with our no rinse wash, then the paint was decontaminated with a iron remover and followed by a clay bar treatment. The exterior then received a single stage paint correction, with specific focus given to the door handle areas and sides of the vehicle to help remove some scratches that were bothering the owner, then topped with our 6 month sealer. Then we moved on to deep cleaning and vacuuming the interior. A lot of attention was given to the seats and light colored trim to remove some light discoloration and stains that commonly appear on these lighter colors. We also focused on extracting a few stains from the carpets. Once that was done the interior was dressed with a low gloss product and the seats were treated with a leather conditioner. The final touches were to clean the interior and exterior windows, polish the headlights, dress the exterior trim, wheel wells, and tires. We also repaired a damaged panel on the side of the drivers seat.

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