Getting ready to put your vehicle up for sale? This detailing service is specifically targeted to get your vehicle looking its best, while being more cost efficient to help you maximize your return on your vehicle by helping it photograph better and in turn generate more interest in its for sale ad. We can also assist with taking photos of your vehicle for your for sale ad if needed during this process.

Express Sale Prep

Wash vehicle exterior, clean wheels and tires, vacuum interior, wipe down all interior surfaces and apply low gloss UV protectant, clean interior glass, apply low gloss dressing to tires, and apply a coat of wax to the paint to add depth and shine to paint finish.

Sedan/SUV – Starting at $100

Large SUV/Truck/Minivan – Starting at $150

Premium Sale Prep

Thoroughly wash vehicle exterior and decontaminate paint surface, machine polish paint, detail engine bay, deep clean wheels and tires, thoroughly vacuum interior and deep clean interior surfaces, apply premium protectant to all interior surfaces surfaces, clean interior glass, apply premium dressing to tires and trim, and apply wax to paint surface.

Sedan/SUV – Starting at $250

Large SUV/Truck/Minivan – $350

*Additional charges may apply if vehicle is excessively dirty, or requires other services to meet customers expectations.

**Premium services can be added at a 10% discount such as Headlight Restoration, Stain Removal, or Paint Defect Removal.