While we are not a body shop, we can preform basic paint touch up services and repairs to your vehicles finish to help mask those unsightly blemishes that may be bothering you every time you look at your vehicle.

These services are by estimate only and no base pricing will be provided until vehicle is fully inspected. When the service is preformed, we will order an exact match of your factory paint color to touch up the spot with, along with a clear coat if necessary. Once the touch up work has been completed, the spot will be lightly wet sanded and buffed back to a shine to make the repair barely noticeable.

Keep in mind this service is meant to help mask damage, not make it undetectable though. If you would like a completely undetectable repair you will need to let a professional body shop preform the repair, which will greatly increase the cost of the repair. The touch up and minor repair services we offer are meant to save money and help avoid costly body shop repair.