Most of us use our vehicles to drive every day and it is very hard to keep them as clean as we would prefer. We accidentally spill things more than we would like to admit and rarely have the time to clean it properly. Sometimes we just don’t even know where to begin to clean a stain off of a seat or carpet. We get in and out of our vehicle multiple times a day and our seats show it. We eat and get ready for work in our vehicle, leaving stains behind on everything we touch that don’t easily wipe off.

Then some of us want to keep our interiors as perfectly clean as possible and want our vehicle interior to always stay looking like new.  Vehicles have a wide variety of interior materials inside of them and each type requires a different treatment to protect it. They require different types of conditioners and chemicals to keep them looking like the day they rolled off the showroom floor.

Maybe you just are tired of your vehicles interior being dirty or you just have one little stain that bothers you and you finally want it fixed. Regardless, we can get help get your vehicles interior looking like new again. Please see below for some of our services, but if you don’t see a specific service that applies to you then please contact us to schedule an inspection and estimate of your vehicle.

Stage 1 Interior Cleaning

This service is just a basic interior cleaning. Includes vacuuming interior and floor mats, wipe down all interior surfaces, and cleaning windows. This service does not cover any cleaning of excessive grime, stains, garbage removal, or focus on any deep cleaning.

Sedan/Small SUV – Starting at $30

Truck/SUV – Starting at $50

Minivan/Large SUV – Starting at $60

Stage 2 Interior Cleaning

Includes services from Stage 1, with the addition of deep clean vacuuming the carpets and shampooing(if needed), high pressure air will be used on the floor mats(all-weather rubber/vinyl mats will be scrubbed and washed) and interior to help further remove embedded dirt and debris. Steering wheels, gear selectors, handles, and knobs will also be given further attention to help clean off residues and grime left behind from greasy hands, lotion/make-up stains, or ect. Interior surfaces will also be treated with a low gloss interior protectant to help keep everything looking clean longer.

*Please note that excessive stains on vehicle surfaces may not come off without damaging the interior surface. Some stains, residues, and grime may require further treatment to remove and may be subject to additional charges if you wish to proceed with cleaning them.

Sedan/Small SUV – Starting at $50

Truck/SUV – Starting at $75

Minivan/Large SUV – Starting at $100

Stage 3 Interior Cleaning

Will include services from Stage 1 and Stage 2 above, but will be done by estimate only. This is for excessively dirty vehicles that need treatment for specific stains, need excessive grime/residue removal, need deep cleaning to the seating, carpet, or other areas that cannot be removed with the services above.

Leather/Premium Interior Services

These services are also by estimate only and are designed for clients that have premium interiors that require special treatment such as regular application of conditioners and protectants to keep their interiors looking like new. If you would like a specific type of care given to your interior, please contact us for a vehicle inspection and estimate so we can help determine the best products and services to care for your vehicles interior.

Below you will find a few basic premium care services that can be added to the price of any of the services above.

Apply Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to all Leather Surfaces – Starting at $50

Apply Leather Conditioner Only to all Leather Surfaces – Starting at $30

Apply Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to Leather Seats only – Starting at $30

Apply Leather Conditioner to Leather Seats only – Starting at $20

Apply Fabic Protectant to Cloth Seating Surfaces – $60(Add $15 for third-row seating)

Apply Fabric Protectant to Carpeting – $75(Add $25 for Mini-Van or Large SUV)

If you have any other specific type of interior care that you require, that is not mentioned above please feel free to contact us and we will provide an estimate for that service.