We offer a wide variety of ceramic coatings, based on your individual needs and goals for your vehicles finish and protecting it from the harsh elements.

The benefits to a ceramic coating is to give your vehicle an amazing amount of protection from the elements, that is much stronger than a wax or even a paint sealant. The water repelling properties are simply amazing and your vehicle will also have an amazing amount of gloss that lasts for years, not weeks or months.

Our primary brands are McKees37 and IGL Coatings. Both are very reputable and respected names in the detailing industry, one being a consumer grade product and the latter being a professional grade product. IGL Coatings can only be installed by a detailer that has been certified to install their products.

All ceramic coatings require an intensive preparation process, with a non-optional paint correction service that must be preformed prior to installing the coating. Due to this, all ceramic coatings must be quoted for each individual vehicle based on it’s condition to evaluate what the vehicle will need to make the coating look and preform it’s best.

Ceramic coatings can be costly to apply, but if you are considering a ceramic coating you should also know that if you do your research – it’s not something you should cut corners on or look for the absolute lowest price on.

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