2013 Toyota Camry

This vehicle came in for our Premium Winter Protection Package. It received a rinseless wash, followed by throughly cleaning the wheels, wheel wells, and tires. Then the interior was vacuumed and wiped down, followed by cleaning all of the interior glass and applying protectant to the seats and interior surfaces. Once that was done the […]

Subaru Outback – Stage 1 Paint Correction and Full Detail

This Outback recieved a full exterior wash with our no rinse wash, then the paint was decontaminated with a iron remover and followed by a clay bar treatment. The exterior then received a single stage paint correction, with specific focus given to the door handle areas and sides of the vehicle to help remove some […]

Why Should I Detail? Part 1 – Exterior Care

Most of us wash our vehicles and try to keep them clean. We grab a bucket of water and dump some soap in when we have a free day, grab our favorite wash sponge and go at it, then rinse it all off with the hose when we’re done. Not everyone has time for that […]

Chevrolet Equinox Paint Correction and Full Detail

This Chevrolet Equinox had seen 70,000+ miles with very little care given to the body or interior. The owner wanted it to be thoroughly cleaned and the paint to look as close to new as possible again, without doing any touch up work. We decided that a single step paint correction would be best for […]