Mazda CX-5 Paint Correction and Detail

We purchased this Mazda CX-5 a few months ago and even though the dealership “detailed” it TWICE, it still was not to my liking. I started to notice a lot of swirl marks and halos in the finish that really bothered me a lot and make this typically great dark color look terrible. Black or very dark colored vehicles make the flaws a lot more obvious than other colors, but they also yield the most obvious results from a paint correction and proper care. The interior also needed a lot of attention, because it’s my wife’s daily driver and it typically gets the most abuse since it hauls the kids, groceries, and co-workers around during the week.

I began with a two bucket wash, followed by moving it inside to dry and wiping the vehicle down to prep for paint correction. Once the vehicle was prepped I clay barred the entire finish, then buffed the paint with a mild cutting compound to remove the paint defects and help bring the finish back to what it should be. Once that was done the entire body was buffed with a polishing compound and topped off with a wax to help protect the finish for months to come and keep it looking like new.

Once that was done, the interior was deep cleaned, wiped down, and vacuumed. That was followed with treating the seats with leather conditioner and cleaning the windows.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, there are a lot fewer photos than usual, but as you can see the final result was a very beautiful deep finish restored to like new.

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