2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – Prep For Sale – Premium Detail

The owner contacted us about cleaning up his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, as he was preparing to put it up for sale so he could purchase something else. It needed a good deep cleaning inside and out to make this already great looking Jeep look like new again! The vehicle exterior was fully hand washed and thoroughly decontaminated, along with deep cleaning the wheels, wheel wells, tires, and exposed frame. The engine bay was then deep cleaned and detailed. Next week moved on to thoroughly vacuuming and deep cleaning the interior, along with removing pet hair at the owners request. Once that was done the vehicles paint, glass, and wheels all received our premium sealant and a premium tire dressing was applied to the tires, along with a protectant applied to the exposed frame and wheel wells to help them really pop. We also took extensive and detailed photos for the owner to save him time in having to do them himself, where he could just simply type up an ad and post it wherever he wanted.

See the photos below for the transformation and keep us in mind if you’re getting ready to sell your vehicle! Not only will it help your vehicle sell faster, but a cleaner vehicle will likely yield a higher dollar amount than a dirty and uncared for example, so let us get your vehicle looking like new again!


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