E46 BMW M3 Paint Correction

This beautiful E46 M3 was already in outstanding condition and had been cared for very well, but even with the best of care some vehicles still need some attention here and there. This vehicle had some minor flaws in the paint such as light scratches, acid rain or tree sap stains on the hood and roof, and hard water spots on the glass. We chose to go with an all-in-one correction compound on this vehicle because it did not require a heavy cutting compound to correct the issues with the paint. After buffing the finish with the correction compound it was buffed by hand to a shine, then all of the exterior glass was treated to remove the hard water spots. It was topped off with a polymer sealant to help protect it from the elements and keep it looking like new for months to come. It was a treat to see this already outstanding vehicle look even better when it was finished.

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