Why Should I Detail? Part 1 – Exterior Care

Most of us wash our vehicles and try to keep them clean. We grab a bucket of water and dump some soap in when we have a free day, grab our favorite wash sponge and go at it, then rinse it all off with the hose when we’re done. Not everyone has time for that though, so maybe we run it through the automatic wash every once in a while or drop by the local car wash and let them wash it. It’s all the same right? Sure, for the most part any of those will keep your vehicle clean and looking decent during the time you own it.

So if any of you have done any research, you are probably wondering why detailing costs so much… I mean the local car wash charges $30-50 to wash, “wax”, and clean your interior, isn’t the basically the same thing? Then there’s that guy that will come right to my house or work and detail my car for $100, so what’s so different about what those places do? In the short, there is nothing wrong with any of these options and they will clean your vehicle up just fine. The main problem is the attention to detail you’re getting and the long term results from taking your vehicle to those places.

Let’s be clear though – I’m not trying to bash any of the methods above. Most modern vehicles have clear coats and UV protectants that will prevent any major long term damage to the paint with even the most basic of care. In addition to that, most people do not keep a vehicle long enough for improper car care habits to ever really show any negative results during the time they own the vehicle. So if you are satisfied with the results you’re getting currently from your vehicle care, then feel free to turn back now and spare yourselves for the rest. If you’re still with me, we’re going to continue on and cover why detailing is beneficial and why it will wow you when properly done.

First of all, the most obvious benefit to detailing is it can increase the resale value of your vehicle. Whether you’re planning to keep your vehicle for 20 years or you’re planning to put a for sale sign on it next week, a clean and well maintained vehicle will almost always bring more money than the same vehicle in mediocre to average condition and it will also likely sell a lot faster. In my experience selling vehicles as an individual and for dealerships as well, one thing is always the same – Most buyers look for every flaw that they can find on a vehicle to help drive the price down when they negotiate a price. Whether you’re trading in your vehicle to a dealership or selling it to an individual, they are going to try to pick out every flaw and try to use it to their advantage. Now, of course there are still people out there that don’t pull these tactics, but why open yourself up to it if you don’t have to? The better condition your vehicle is in gives you more confidence in you’re asking price and makes it easier to assure the buyer that they are getting a great vehicle.

So what makes detailing so special in comparison to getting it washed at the local car wash? Quite honestly it’s the attention to detail that is given to your vehicle. Properly detailing a vehicle takes a lot of time, care, and patience that most people do not have. The local car wash or local mobile detailer are on a time crunch most of the time. They make their living by speed and convenience for the consumer, along with cleaning as many vehicles per day as they can. Again, i’m not trying to bash that type of service either, because there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. My one and only focus though is making your vehicle looking the best it possibly can and while I hold myself to time constraints as well, if there is something that needs more attention I most certainly will not ignore it just to rush through the job. That is why we must schedule ahead of time and it can take hours to detail your vehicle, because the exceptional results of a paint correction, paint touch up, applying protective coatings, a full detail, or a thorough interior cleaning cannot be achieved by being rushed.

So where do you start? I almost always recommend beginning with a paint correction service, unless you fully believe your vehicle is not in need of one. A paint correction can help remove most defects from your paint such as minor scratches, swirl marks, and other minor surface blemishes caused from the elements. It also helps restore shine and deepness to your paint finish, along with giving you a blank slate to work with so you can apply protective coatings afterward. Different vehicles require different levels of paint correction though and is probably one of the most costly services to have done to your vehicle. We can help you decide which level is service is best for you though based on what results you would like to achieve. While paint correction can be costly initially, it’s an important step in making your vehicle look it’s absolute best and the results can last for years if properly cared for.

So how do you protect your vehicle after a paint correction? There are a long list of ways you can protect your vehicles finish. The most commonly known method is applying a wax to your vehicle, which will yield a couple of months of protection to your vehicle in most cases. Some waxes last a bit longer depending on what product you choose. The next method is applying a sealant over the paint, which is what we almost always recommend at minimum. Most paint sealants last 5-6 months and some can last up to a year. They are easy to apply and give you a nice deep finish that is fairly easy to care for with simple washing. The most costly option, but also the longest lasting is ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings can last up to 7-8 years based on which coating you choose and require very little to care for them in between. While they are very expensive to apply initially, they can offer years of protection to your vehicle and the benefits are well worth the added expense.

Most vehicles are not an investment, but whether you drive an old Toyota Camry with 200,000 miles or a classic Porsche 911 Turbo, keeping it looking it’s best possible will certainly give your more return on your investment than left uncared for. These methods are just a few methods on how you can care for your vehicle though. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss what type of products and care are best for your vehicle!

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this series. Our next post will cover the benefits of caring for your vehicles interior and how to protect it. For now though, thank you for reading!


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