Chevrolet Equinox Paint Correction and Full Detail

This Chevrolet Equinox had seen 70,000+ miles with very little care given to the body or interior. The owner wanted it to be thoroughly cleaned and the paint to look as close to new as possible again, without doing any touch up work. We decided that a single step paint correction would be best for this task and the owner wanted it to be protected for a few months, so we would also use a sealant to protect the vehicle for up to six months from the elements. The owner also smoked, so there was a lot of cigarette ashes spread throughout the vehicle and other debris. The interior surfaces needed a lot of deep cleaning due to stuck on grime and debris as well.

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The vehicle exterior was treated for stuck on debris, road grime, and bugs. Next the wheels, tires, and wheel wells were sprayed with cleaner and scrubbed. Once that was done the vehicle was blasted with the foam cannon and given a two bucket hand wash then moved inside to be dried and wiped down. Once the vehicle was dried we vacuumed and deep cleaned the interior to get everything looking like new again. The carpets were also shampooed to help remove old stuck on stains that were embedded in the carpet. The interior surfaces were then wiped down and treated with a low-gloss protectant. Once this was done all of the interior glass was cleaned and we moved back to the exterior of the vehicle.

The exterior was wiped down and prepped for paint correction. We used an all-in-one correction glaze on the entire vehicle, which produced excellent results on this newer finish, even though it had been neglected for quite some time. We then followed that by applying a sealant over the paint to protect it up to 6 months from the elements. The exterior windows were cleaned and treated with Rain-X per the owners request. Next we treated the wheel wells with a protective glaze to bring back their original luster and keep grime off of them in the future. To finish off the exterior, the tires were treated with a no sling tire glaze and the wheels were treated with a protective coating to help reduce brake dust and make them easier to clean going forward.

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As you can see, the end result was well worth the effort and the vehicle turned out excellent. The owner was ecstatic to see this type of result and felt like their vehicle looked like it was new again. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!

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