BlueGrass AutoWerx is a small detailing service with a simple mission: Restore your vehicle to like new condition and help you maintain that appearance for years to come.

While we do still offer detailing services, we take a different approach to detailing than most do. We RESTORE your vehicle, rather than just simply clean it and wax it. When most people hear the word restore, they think of restoring a classic car and typically that means tearing the vehicle down to it’s bare bones and starting over again, slowly piecing it back together until it looks like the day it was purchased.

Why does it have to be something old though? Why not restore your daily driver? Why not restore that vehicle you don’t drive anymore because it doesn’t look as good as it once did? Maybe you’re getting ready to sell or trade in your vehicle, because it’s scratched up and the paint is faded or the interior is stained and worn. Let us make your vehicle look like new again!

Our services can make your vehicle look like a new car again and even if you still decide not to keep your vehicle after, our services can also help increase your resale value and help make your vehicle easier to sell!

No, that is not meant to be some silly gimmick or scheme to get your money. Your vehicle will be a lot more likely to sell closer to your asking price and will sell a lot easier if it is meticulously clean in appearance, rather than grimy and dirty. Even if you’re trading it in, a dealer will look for every blemish, scratch, dent, stain, and anything else they can use to drive the value of your vehicle down.

Located in Shelbyville, KY, only a short drive from Louisville, KY and less than an hour from Lexington, KY. Contact us today for a FREE estimate and allow us to help you decide what services are best to make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

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