2007 Honda Odyssey – Premium Detail/For Sale Prep

This Honda Odyssey had been this families trusty family vehicle for over 10 years and 230,000 miles. They had finally decided that the time had come to replace it, as their kids were grown and they no longer needed a minivan. They contacted us to get their van looking it’s absolute best again before it moved on to the next owner. As you can imagine with a vehicle of that age, a lot of attention was needed to get it looking its best but that’s what we specialize in, so we were certainly up to the task!

The vehicle exterior was fully deep cleaned and decontaminated, along with deep cleaning the tires and wheel wells. We also detailed the engine and restored the yellowed and hazy headlights to like new condition. Along with that, we also repaired some damage to the front bumper and took care of a few scratches that didn’t require touch up paint per the owners request. Once that was done, the interior was thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed, including the floor mats. The leather seats were also cleaned and conditioned. Once that was done, all glass was cleaned and a premium UV protectant was applied to all interior surfaces. The vehicle paint, glass, and wheels were then treated with our premium sealant to add gloss and protection and a premium tire shine was applied to the tires.

Are you planning to sell your vehicle? Having it properly detailed can likely increase your resale value and make it a lot easier to sell! Even if you aren’t selling it and you just have a vehicle that has been neglected for a long time and you’re ready to get it looking like new again, let us bring your vehicle back to like new condition and help you fall in love with your vehicle all over again!

See the photos below for the transformation!


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